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RateHawk is a service for booking hotels, air tickets and other travel services for professionals

2,000,000 hotels, car rental, and other services throughout the world

Save time and money:

comfort and the best prices for your business and clients

Huge selection
of hotels

You can choose an appropriate option from over 2,000,000 hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments at great prices.


In a single system with a user-friendly interface, you can quickly book hotels and other travel-related services at great prices.

work models

You can choose which finance model is more convenient for you: net prices or commission model.

Reliable Customer Support

All your issues will be resolved by our 24/7 multi-lingual support service.


All information about orders, invoices, vouchers, and reports is available to you in real-time.


You will get manual prechecks of all your bookings. We will manually pre-check all bookings and booking details with the hotel directly.

Great value
loyalty program

Earn points and use them to pay for bookings.

For different
user levels

You can assign user roles and limit access for safety and transparency.

Fast and simple
API integration

Our architectural solutions allow you to install only the functionality that your business needs – quickly and reliably.

hotel content

Full multi-lingual information about 2,000,000 hotels (including name, geographical names, photos, location, description of the rooms, rates, services, and others) meet GIATA standards.

Market price

You will see a comparison with available market prices for each specific rate.

integration models

You can select the business model for integration that is most convenient for you: net prices, commission, or affiliate.

Easy RESTful
API integration

100% RESTful API integration prevents you from getting any headache.


All information about orders, invoices, vouchers, and reports is available to you in real-time.


You will get manual precheck of all your bookings. We additionally check all the bookings' details with the hotel.

Wide choice
of hotels

You can choose an appropriate option from over 2,000,000 hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments at great prices.

Hi-tech providers
and mid-offices

You get a fully customized and rapid integration via hi-tech platforms. You may use mid-offices for financial reporting and accounting automation.

Huge choice
of hotels

Your clients gain access to over 2,000,000 hotels, guest houses, hostels, and apartments at great prices.

Convenient and functional

Your clients can quickly book hotels and accompanying travel-related services in a single user-friendly system at great prices.


You can easily book an accommodation option because the system will be adapted for your product and works on all devices.

support service

All your issues will be resolved by our 24/7 multi-lingual support service.


All information about orders, invoices, vouchers, and reports is available to you in real-time.


You will get manual prechecks of all your bookings. We additionally check all the bookings' details with the hotel.

White labels
at the customer’s request

Custom and reliable white labels will be integrated into your product in just a few hours.

Our partners

Our clients grow with us.
Your success is our priority

As a TMC we are looking for hotel aggregators that provide competitive rates and availability but also a user-friendly interface for our consultants and good support when needed. We have been using Ratehawk for a few months now and it regularly outperforms its competitors.

Tessa van Willigen
Tessa van Willigen

We have been cooperating with RateHawk for quite some time. During this period we experienced very high level of their flexibility, professionalism and full commitment to our company.

Michal Zurek
Michal Zurek

Ratehawk is the best solution for me personally and for my team! We have all the information in one place and it is so easy to use! The most important thing is that we have amazing support when it is needed,It is priceless to know that we have someone who is always available!

Elvedina Busuladžić
Elvedina Busuladžić

We like your portfolio of hotels in the US and your competitiveness.

Juan Manuel Baixauli
Juan Manuel Baixauli

I use the platform as a priority because it has a price advantage over competing systems in most cases. The system works quickly, there is a lot of hotel product, filters are more and they are very useful.

Lora Papazova
Lora Papazova

We are very satisfied with the RateHawk tool which is intuitive and "user friendly". To this is added an extremely complete content and systematic pre-verification reassures our customers.

Laurent Vergolin
Laurent Vergolin
Head of Corporate Travel

Great Support- quick solutions for Support cases and private & VIP service from FIT Dept is the first reason we work with Ratehawk. Interface is easy to check and find what we are looking for and real availability on the system mostly.

Mert Bulut
Mert Bulut
Hotel Manager

Аfter 20 years of working on different online reservation systems I must say that Rate hawk is a very pleasant surprise on so many levels.

Katarina Rakic
Katarina Rakic
Head of Air Desk

We are extremely pleased with the collaboration with RateHawk. Account manager Laura Tripalo is always available and fixes problems in the fastest possible time.

Pavle Marković
Pavle Marković
Development Manager

Just a quick thank you for the help and assistance you and the Ratehawk team provides to Jamadvice here in Bulgaria. Our ability to match our clients expectations depends on people like you who are committed, caring and knowledgeable about the industry we work in.

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas
Managing Director

We are getting along very well with Ratehawk, both for the rates offered and for the very intuitive and complete booking system. Particularly useful and effective the interactive map that allows you to do targeted searches with ease.

Chiara DeMattia
Chiara DeMattia
Travel Manager

We have been cooperating closely with Ratehawk for the last year, but we are already convinced of the quality Ratehawk stands for and their ability to always meet our requirements. Latvia Tours definitely recommend Ratehawk as a reliable Partner.

Karina Bezzubova
Karina Bezzubova
Head of Business Department

RateHawk offers a straightforward and high-quality hotel booking engine, with a huge number of hotels all over the world. The online system is improving regularly and we’re more than happy to work with RateHawk.

Christoph Strobel
Christoph Strobel
Since 2018
Since 2019
Since 2020
Since 2020
Since 2023
Since 2023
Convenient payment process with clients

Receive the commission on your account

Receive the rewards during the reporting period


Our partners guarantee the security of your data and payments with their global reputation.

About us

Founded in 2016 (part of Emerging Travel Group, est 2010) and created for travel market professionals, RateHawk has become one of the fastest-growing platforms for B2B industry players. An innovative and reliable partner for tens of thousands of travel agents, tour operators, and corporate clients.

  • became a member of SMAL
  • hired more staff – there are now more than 1,000 people on our team
  • added a new payment method – by payment link
  • entered the Latin American market
  • launched online service for booking flights and transfers
  • opened legal entities in Kazakhstan, Great Britain, and Germany
  • became a member of ALTA
  • increased the company’s inventory to 1.7 million properties
  • added a subagent work model
  • joined the ACAVE and PIT associations
  • added the early check-in – late check-out service
  • celebrated Emerging Travel Group’s 10th anniversary
  • added the Health and Safety Measures section to the hotel page
  • translated our site to Arabic and Albanian
  • launched an extension for the Chrome browser that helps you to search for attractive offers on RateHawk
  • launched the RateHawk mobile app, available on iOS and Android
  • achieved one thousand bookings per day
  • translated our platform into Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Greek, Romanian and Serbian
  • took part for the first time with a stand in one of the major travel industry exhibitions – ITB in Berlin
  • presented the RateHawk brand at the WTM exhibition in London
  • RateHawk joined GBTA
  • opened our office in Warsaw
  • opened our office in Cyprus
  • our platform was translated into English, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish and Portuguese
  • launched the first adaptive version of our product for mobile devices
  • introduced our loyalty program
  • our car rental service launched
  • our department of individual bookings began working — the FIT department
  • became a member of ETOA
  • entered the markets of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia
  • launched the RateHawk hotels booking system in English
  • entered the Baltic markets
  • signed our first contracts with the UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • entered the German market

RateHawk is one of the fastest-growing platforms for travel professionals in the world; hence we constantly search for talents in Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa.

We want to fill people’s lives with memories of their journeys throughout the world with the help of advanced technology and irreproachable service.

Our team develops the platform, grows the business, and supports B2С and B2B clients in eight languages. And we all share the same principles and values — this distinguishes us from the rest of the market.


Ratehawk is a young and dynamic team. We develop, improve, and market hi-tech products, arrange partner relationships, and service our clients.

We work all over the world: in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, UAE and India. Our representatives speak 28 languages.

Warshaw, 00-032
2 Przeskok Street, Buisiness Link Astoria
United States
Wilmington, DE 19801
1000 N. West Street Suite 1200
Limassol 3032
17 Georgiou Karaiskaki Str. Office 22
10117, Berlin
Friedrichstrasse 171
Almaty Towers, Baizakova, 280, 050040/A15G7M6
United Kingdom
TN33 0AG
72A High Street, Battle, East Sussex

RateHawk is a part of Emerging Travel Group, which is one of the world's most fast-growing travel holding companies. We offer over 2,000,000 accommodation facilities with 24/7 multilingual Customer Support.

We work under direct contracts with over 67,000 hotels, apartments, hostels, campsites, holiday centers, and guest houses via our Extranet Emerging Travel booking management system.
We will be glad if you become our partner and increase direct sales and the popularity of your accommodation option. You can register directly in our system. It won’t take more than 30 minutes.
If you have any questions about partnership, we will answer them gladly. Please write to [email protected].
We are official partners of the world’s largest OTA, wholesalers, consolidators, and DMC.
We will be glad if you join the numbers of our partners and gain an additional sales channel with a large number of bookings.
If you are interested in sales and developing your business, please write to us at [email protected].
For technology providers
RateHawk is a hi-tech platform. Our business is based on innovation. Hence we cooperate with companies that offer the best solutions in the travel industry.
If you are interested in integration with RateHawk to develop your business, please write to [email protected].
Marketing events
We constantly run promotions and campaigns to incentivize our clients and delight them with special offers. We hold lots of events with partner integrations.
If you are interested in developing your business and our target audiences are similar, please write to us. Then we will gladly think about how to make our integration useful and good value for your clients.
Please send your proposals to us at [email protected].

Hotel reservation for tour operators

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